Capoeira is an exciting
Afro-Brazilian Martial Art 

Our classes are taught by the world renowned Mestre Perguica, who has over 50 years of Capoeira experience.

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Los Angeles.

Omulu Capoeira Los Angeles is affiliated with groups across the world. Check out a list of our affiliate classes here. 

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines dance, martial arts, music, and acrobatics. Learn more about the history of Capoeira here.  


​​OCTOBER 4th – 7th 

We offer classes in lots of locations in the greater Los Angeles area. Join us for a free first class or check out the entire schedule here.


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Come take a class with us in one of our many convenient locations across Los Angeles. 
We offer classes in various convenient locations around the greater Los Angeles area.

We hold a free open house the first Monday of every month at Lima Culver City.

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Encontro & Batizado 2017


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