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Omulu Capoeira Los Angeles
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Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines dance, martial arts, music and acrobatics. Africans in Brazil created Capoeira over 400 years ago as a way to defend themselves and maintain their culture in the face of the harsh and oppressive conditions of slavery. Capoeira and Capoeiristas - those who practice the art - have survived tremendous odds to develop their art form while facing discrimination from the upper and middle classes of Brazilian society. Capoeira was illegal to practice up until the early 1930s, when legendary Mestre Bimba founded the first legal Capoeira Academy and created a new, contemporary style of the art, Capoeira Regional. Practiced in a circle called a roda (pronounced ho-dah) and accompanied by live music, Capoeira can be graceful or combative as the situation dictates. Originally considered a lower class pastime, Capoeira is now a living art and profound social force throughout the world. 

Omulu Capoeira group is led by world-renowned Capoeira master, Mestre Preguiça. Mestre Preguiça has a unique and important role in the history and development of the art. The group's mission is to promote the art of Capoeira through the development of high-quality training academies, professional performance groups, and community culture and education programs. Chapters include San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Japan, Brazil, Canada and Mexico.